A  Little About Me:

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Hello! My name is Isabella Mercurio and I am an actor currently based in Los Angeles. I knew I wanted to act since I was six and was in my first play. It felt like a culmination of overwhelming joy - like every happy feeling I had ever experienced came together on stage. 


After performing in over 30 shows at Contra Costa Civic Theatre in the San Francisco Bay Area, I continued my acting in high school at Oakland School for the Arts. OSA started out as a place to continue the art that I had grown to cherish so deeply, but it soon became so much more than that.


I struggled in high school with depression, anxiety, and a brief eating disorder. This made me want to start tackling characters who were misunderstood and find that human part of them that may not be seen right away. Acting became for me an eye into the human condition. High school was when I truly fell in love with acting.


I continued my passion for theatre at Chapman University and graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance in 2021.


I strive to have an optimistic and positive outlook on life - most of the time successfully. Many people who know me assume the roles I gravitate the most towards are those that match my personality but in actuality I much prefer darker, more serious roles. 

No character is one note just like no human being is just "happy". So why not delve deeper into a character's psyche to find the most authentically human version of them. 

This is what I love about acting.