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A Little About Me:

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Hi, my name is Isabella!


I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and began acting at a young age after performing in a play-rendition of the book "She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head". To say I was immediately hooked is an understatement.

I went on to perform in over 30 shows at my local theater, Contra Costa Civic Theater, until high school where I attended Oakland School for the Arts with an emphasis in acting. It was there that I was able to study theatre more in depth and hopefully transform this passion that I had into an eventual career. 


After high school, I attended Chapman University and graduated with a BFA in theatre performance in 2021. Throughout my time at Chapman, I became much more involved in film and grew to have an interest in voice over as well.

I am currently based in Los Angeles and am training under Amy Lyndon of the Lyndon Technique. 


Something that often surprises people when they see me act is the type of roles I tend to play. I love portraying characters who are raw and intense; where I am able to dig deep into the most human (and sometimes ugly) parts of them. I am a very bubbly and happy person, so it is always fun catching people off guard!


Mental health advocacy is also extremely important to me, so projects surrounding that are always my favorite ones to be a part of. 

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