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A  Little About Me:

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Hello! My name is Isabella and I am a stage, screen, and voice actor currently based in Los Angeles. I grew up in the Bay Area and have been acting ever since the second grade when I did a play-rendition of the book “She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head” - since then, I was completely hooked. 


After over 30 productions with Contra Costa Civic Theatre in El Cerrito, I began my acting training at Oakland School for the Arts with an emphasis in theatre then went on to get my BFA in theatre performance at Chapman University in 2021. 


Since graduating, I joined ZA studio led by Peter Allas and Rob Zimmerman and the Artist’s Playhouse led by Alex Watson. I am currently coached by Michael Vincent Berry. 


I am a generally very upbeat, positive person so many people assume I gravitate more towards comedy; but I find it so much more freeing tackling darker roles that allow me to connect to a part of myself that rarely meets the surface. 


Acting has gotten me through a lot - I struggled for years with a mix of depression, anxiety, and a brief eating disorder. This caused a shift in the roles I wanted to portray - my number one priority with any character is to find that deeply human part of them that might not be seen right off the bat. That is what I find so beautiful about this art form - it is an alternate eye into the human condition. 


When I'm not acting, I am either traveling around the country going to various theme parks, drinking multiple cups of coffee, or working as a studio tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood!

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